Sourcing systems, components & services

Having access to every possible connection, sourcing route and supply partner is crucial for success in the international market. Our address book, network and experience enables you to easily explore global options for almost any component, system or service to support your projects.

Concern management

Dealing effectively with time-critical supply problems and project issues can make the difference between being a 'great' and simply 'good' supplier in the eyes of your customer. We have a proven track record in supporting our clients to swiftly resolve critical supply issues with minimum disruption, maintaining their reputation and reducing costs.

Sourcing people

Hiring mistakes can cost your business credibility and have significant financial impact. When you are ready to expand your team with new people to support successful growth, we can help you to get this right. We have successfully helped our clients to search, select and recruit high calibre individuals who match their business needs. We can save you time and money by doing the same.

Source, manage, resolve.