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Lord Strathcarron

Our founder David Macpherson was born 23 January 1924 2nd Baron Strathcarron. He got his first car aged 16 – a Morgan Super Sports V-Twin three-wheeler. In 1941 he enlisted to RAF Coastal Command piloting Wellingtons on reconnaissance missions across the Atlantic. After WW2 Lord Strathcarron joined the pioneers of 500cc racing, attending the first ever event at Towcester in October 1947 and competed with Sir Stirling Moss. In Parliament he was known as the 'moustachioed motorcycling peer' who owned virtually every type of motorcycle and was motoring correspondent of The Field magazine for nearly half a century. During the 1980's he was pivotal in promoting the motorcycle 'compulsory basic training' – greatly improving UK road safety.

Strathcarron & Co.

Whilst working Lord Strathcarron was sales manager for Invictor Glass who were taken over by Triplex who made him redundant. In the spring of 1960 a Ford Motor Co. buyer knew of an Italian glass company Società Italiana Vetro S.p.A. (SIV) who needed UK sales support and got in touch with David. David promptly borrowed a friend's aeroplane and flew to Italy, turning up unannounced at the gates of SIV. The security guard informed the owner that there was a 'mad' Lord at the entrance gates who wanted a word and David came away with the first support contract.
Strathcarron & Co. – the automotive network and supplies business was born.

The SC-5A & 6

In 1997 the development of this sports car demonstrated the talents and combined expertise of the Strathcarron team. The Strathcarron Sports Car SC-5A was based on the SC-4 concept car first shown at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, and the Strathcarron SC-5A entered production in 1999. A 550kg road legal track car, with aluminium honeycomb tub chassis on running gear with a mid-engined 1200cc Triumph Trophy motorbike engine, ABS plastic bodywork, British sports car. The two seater sports car for 'weekend country lane drives and mountains' enjoyed rave reviews until a change to the Single Vehicle Approval legislation ended production in 2002, making it now one of the rarest British sports cars.
The quality and ability of the car remains testament to the core Strathcarron approach and the involvement of many blue-chip suppliers is evidence of the relationships forged over many years in business with: Reynard, Triumph, Ilmor, Brembo, AP, Prodrive, Hexcel, Momo, Hewland and Speedline. Strathcarron Sports Cars Wikipedia page.

Lord Strathcarron - a pioneer of 500cc racing

Lord Strathcarron racing

Societa Italiana Vetro

Strathcarron SC-5a

Strathcarron SC-6