Industry & market information

Today – tomorrow

We can provide reports on specific automotive and market overview subjects. No one else is as well placed to maintain a well-informed and impartial overview of the UK automotive industry today. Our goal is success in the rapidly evolving auto industry. In many areas the UK has stood at the pinnacle of automotive development world-wide and it strives to do so for the future with certainty.

Technical development

Whilst working with OEM and Tier suppliers we are often present at the concept stage of vehicle development, assisting and technically consulting on component specification and performance. Our team includes highly experienced and trusted automotive engineers, see our team page for individual introductions.

Merger & Acquisition

Our commercial experience, industry knowledge and understanding of the market put us in the proven position assisting mergers and acquisitions. Please contact Tony Bowen to find out more about our work in this area.

Knowledge is power

Future forecasting

Always challenging, but a valuable service we offer our clients, is looking to the future — market trends, technology developments and industry insight. Our extensive network and sources allow us to keep a finger on the pulse of the future.

ARC Vector

A working example of technical development for the future today is our involvment in the ARC Vector project, a ground breaking electric motorbike with advanced HMI features – haptic jacket and integrated head-up display helmet. Go to for more details of this amazing project.